Tips on Meeting Escorts

meeting escorts

When it comes to seeing an escort for the first time, a lot of men often feel nervous and unsure of what to do. For shy guys, they become more anxious about how to present themselves and ultimately fail to see the worth of paying an escort. Like other professionals in life, escorts are desire to be valued and treated nicely. They hate being treated like low-life or cheap whores.

When preparing to meet escorts, it is critical to understand what exactly to do so as to enhance your escort experience.


Communication via phone call serves as the starting point to know a woman you are about to spend few hours or more with including her name and contacts. It creates confidence and empowers better understanding between you and an escort as you both prepare physically to get ready for it. During communication you should remember the following:

  • Be respectful on the calls and in emails. Be polite as you introduce yourself to someone you have never met.
  • Be flexible depending on your own preferences as well as those of the escort. For example, where to meet either in your home or hotel room

Before Arrival

  • Before an escort arrives, prepare yourself as would do for any other date.
  • Make sure that your home or hotel room is tidy.
  • Take a shower after following up and confirming that she will show up for the appointment.
  • Ensure your personal hygiene such as trimming your finger and toenails, shave beards, and other areas
  • Make the best impression by being well-dressed, clean, and having freshly-brushed teeth

When She Arrives

  • Be simple, friendly, and discreet as though she is your regular guest
  • Give her some time to relax and reassure her about safety and privacy to avoid raising suspicion and stress
  • Pay as soon as she arrives, most preferably using an envelope. The sooner you pay her, the sooner you both concentration the main agenda for the meeting.

Getting Started

  • Be respectful, friendly, and attentive to her wishes to ensure the whole experience runs smoothly
  • Be romantic. Hot escorts get horny as men do; thus, ensure you respond to her body and enjoy the sex experience such as kissing
  • Relax and enjoy it. She is a pro to impress you on what you are comfortable with
  • Be sensitive on what she wants. Do not try to offend an escort by asking for services she does not offer
  • Ensure you finish up your booking with some chatting and cuddling. About 10-15 minutes earlier to allow the escort to take a shower
  • When she is ready to leave, appreciate her if you had a good time

Escorts are some of the finest and fascinating women that you need to know because the extent of the experience depends on how you treat them. If you treat them nicely and make them happier, the happier they make you.

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