Escort Stories – Evara

escort storyThis may sound like a fairy tale to you, but this is a true story and has happened with one of our escorts. We don’t wish to disclose her real name, but there was someone who used to introduce herself by the name of Evara. Her story is one of the best escort stories we have ever come across. Being one of our prettiest escorts, she was hired by a lot of people. She was quite a popular face on our website and was adored by all of her clients.

One day, she met this wonderful man. They had the best make out session and when she returned to our office, she had stars in her eyes. We knew she was in love, but that didn’t stop her dedication and determination to maintain her reputation as one of the leading escorts of our agency. Surprisingly, the same man started calling her repeatedly. He began giving her gifts and showering good tips on her.

One night, she returned to us and told us about how she was proposed by this wonderful man. That’s when she decided to give up on her job and stick to this amazing man.

Now they are happily married and have two children. She has left the profession and is now a stay at home mother. It all seems like a fairy tale, but the sensuous woman has turned out to be one of the best homemakers and her husband is proud of her. She had her own story of struggles that made her take escort jobs, but that never stopped her from smiling and being cheerful. With her sensual body, she won the hearts of many clients and with her love, she won the heart of an awesome man.

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